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Using percentile of human body in furniture design

Chengdu office furniture in many of Datasheet only No. 500, No. 5000-and No. 9500-body dimensions, why this is so, because three is what people are used to seeing and using size, No. 500, and No. 9500 is the most commonly used design of the human body, one might question why don't mean? We can give examples.
For example, if order No. 5000 height dimensions to determine the height of the door, designed so that the door will be in danger of 50% of people have met. Again like: seat comfortable of most important of standard one of is using who feet to sound of stepped with floor Shang, whether with two leg will loft this hanging with, thigh of soft tissue will too by pressure, double leg will because sciatic nerve by pressure and led to numb, assumed shank added foot high of average is 44CM, if to this for according to, this design out of Chair will has 50% of people feet stepped on not to ground, women are of leg more short, using such of Chair will not right. Therefore, the dimension level cannot be average, but with a smaller size to fit. Where the average is not universal. In some cases, some products do not use the maximum or minimum, but based on the average size of the human body to design, No. 5000-size data, such as the height of the counter if you follow No. 5000-percentile size design and can be more appropriate than the maximum or minimum size, which take care of most people. Height school desk is designed with standards. Often reason for using max-min as described earlier, they summarize the 90% most of the range of body dimensions, can meet the needs of most.
Select reasonable percentiles are important in the design, then we in the specific design of how to select that, simply saying that there is a principle: "the reach of distance, hold space". Select measurements you want to consider the nature of design: one is in the job was or needed space for other activities is; the other is in the job and other activities is access to space, best use of adjustment measures.
In case of no safety implications, using percentile specific proposals are as follows:
1, the principle of maximum maximum criterion refers to the dimensions of the furniture products based on anthropometric data of maximum values for the design.
Total height and width of the object, such as doors, entrances, passage, the seat width and length of a bed, stretcher, its size should be according to 95% percentile size, if they can meet the needs of large and small nature there is no problem. Maximum guidelines when designing a product, it can meet the needs of the majority of 95%. In design when the length of the bed should be thick cap of the man's height plus shoes to consider.
2, minimum criteria minimum criteria refers to the dimensions of the furniture design based on human body measurement data minimum value for design.
Objects have a part of the human body to decide, such as legs, arms decided to seat height and reach range, its size should be based on size of No. 500, if small enough, big natural is no problem. Minimum criteria, most of the products can meet 95% needs.
3, and special situation Xia, if to No. 500 points bit or No. 9500 points bit limited value will caused boundaries yiwai of personnel using Shi not only not comfortable, and lossy health and caused dangerous Shi, size boundaries should expanded to 100th points bit and No. 9900 points bit, as emergency export of diameter should to No. 9900 points bit of data for associate, using who and emergency brake rod of distance and railing spacing should to 100th points bit data for associate.
4, the average average is the furniture products based on average body size to design, was not intended to determine the boundaries, but when deciding on the optimum range, No. 5000 is based on body dimensions, namely a medium body measurement data of the people prevail, which take care of most of the people. High school desks, door bell, sockets and light switches installed.