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China's furniture industry faces change optimization and upgrade of enterprise restructuring

as China's economy into the global game battlefield, companies increasingly uncertain regulatory environment, domestic enterprises face more severe challenges. However, most is a lack of core competitiveness of domestic enterprises, mainly rely on low labor cost and imitation-oriented products and services, lack of innovation, customers are relatively homogeneous, demand is simple. If you want to get rid of the cheap product manufacturer's fate, make the leap from made in China to created in China, from big to strong, entrepreneurs need to examine whether firms have the ability to really respond to the changing environment.
Enterprise competitive advantage mainly comes from two aspects: on the one hand structural positioning advantage, advantage that comes from an external resource, this may include policy privilege or protected by the Government, and so on. China resource monopolies, such as telecommunications, energy, finance and so on, have a good performance in the performance, all because of this advantage. However, such location advantage and are goodly, nor by learning successfully copied.
"Today's honey may be tomorrow's poison", if the rules of the game have changed, such as after China joins the WTO, gradually relaxing control of many industries, this advantage will no longer exist, lack of internal core competitiveness of enterprises will be eliminated. But on the other hand, competitive advantage comes from the internal, that is, through the company's internal work processes, institutional, cultural and leadership combination, forming the Organization's integrated learning, that companies need to practice skills, so that advantage is sustainable competitive advantage. And this coordination capacity within the enterprise's core competitiveness.
Moreover, in an era of change more and more quickly, the Executive established the strategic planning becomes more difficult, companies must constantly adapt to the unpredictable external changes and adjustments at any time, even when a strategy soon, new transformation is needed to form new strategic thinking. Enterprises have to constantly convert those based on competitive advantage of strategy location. Businesses need to seize the opportunity to make full use of the existing strategic advantage to get the value, on the other hand needs to be forward-looking, seeing potential opportunities and possibilities, and to consider these possibilities within the scope of the strategy, prepare for strategic positioning adjustment.
The industry generally believe that, in 2011, the furniture industry's focus will be on the furniture industry upgrading, restructuring, strategic shifts and responding to national initiatives to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction. With the "low carbon economy" became the most-watched of the term, "engendering the popularity of low-polluting products, promoting technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and enhance the international competitiveness of industry" as a central task of the Chinese furniture and for quite some time this year. On this basis, how to construct their own brands, competitive advantage, will be placed in front of furniture entrepreneurs needed to solve the problem.
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