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Formaldehyde furniture new standards recently introduced

recently, the geological Agency issued a supervision of product quality inspection report, which many furniture companies in the production and testing of the products do not qualify. Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision has also informed the provincial wood furniture products quality supervision and inspection for the second quarter results. It is learnt that the Anhui Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision of the inspection of wooden cabinets, chairs, wood coffee table 40 samples, which failed 12 groups, sampling rate is 70%. From the results, 42% is because the formaldehyde emission test failed.
It is understood that the sample of 242 lots of products in the second quarter, Tianjin, qualified, 236, was 97.52%. Tianjin East Albert furniture 6 produces 6 types of furniture, such as formaldehyde or drawers durability test items are not eligible to be informed.
Same furniture products quality supervision and inspection in the recently reported second-quarter results of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision. It the pump 95 production and distribution business of 95 batch product, tested 76 batches of qualified samples, the quality was 80%. Problems mainly formaldehyde emissions, metal parts materials demand, drawer slide strength failed.
Formaldehyde content in accordance with our furniture standards, formaldehyde emissions should not exceed 1.5mg/L, in various parts of the testing, formaldehyde reached the standard of a maximum of 5 times. Obviously, excessive formaldehyde emissions remained furniture products test failed the most important factor. Insiders told reporters, causing formaldehyde emissions cause major nonconformities, some enterprises to reduce costs using poor quality man-made sheet metal, irrational formula adhesive, using scrap building templates or raw materials resulting in plate and furniture in the formaldehyde standard.
Excessive small brand into the hardest-hit areas in problem list published by quality supervision Bureau, reporters found that the inspection of substandard products, there is no figure of well-known brands, products are small local brands of products in question. Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision of staff, told reporters: "the furniture brands became excessive formaldehyde emission of the hardest-hit areas. "
According to music furniture of sales personnel introduced: "generally, big of furniture brand will strictly according to national of environmental standard for production distribution, even has many as music this international well-known brand will has above GB, more demanding of environmental standard, consumers purchase this class furniture Shi big can assured, but, market Shang does full with many ' black workshop products ', consumers purchase Shi to more note. "
Journalists in more home store to see, furniture brand with a variety of large and small, including a number of journalists have not heard of the brand, while the sales staff will explain: "product for the brand, very famous in local or abroad, but not for local consumers are familiar with. "
Quality supervision Department reminds consumers: "no matter what the brand, consumers are not to be confused, paying particular attention to the name of the Special range of furniture in Europe and America, many are small domestic homegrown brands. When selected, consumers certainly highlights a smell, taste of the show if the product has a red nose, consumers should be more careful to purchase. "
In addition, the national indoor environment and indoor environmental quality supervision and inspection center, song Guangsheng, Director advising consumers to avoid buy formaldehyde furniture, first of all, try to buy furniture, followed national furniture consumer product specifications require manufacturers to identify formaldehyde emissions indicators for furniture, consumers can ask the manufacturer to produce.
Dealers say overweight is the unspoken rules in interviews, businessmen and even: "now no formaldehyde furniture are not excessive, only a super super small problem. "
"Formaldehyde" China's furniture industry has become almost a "chronic illness", often mentioned, but still no change. In the view of the industry, furniture, products containing formaldehyde is almost impossible to eradicate.
National furniture products quality supervision and inspection Center Director Liao says, in addition to the national content of formaldehyde for furniture test standards to improve, some enterprises in the process control and glue selection also has an unshirkable responsibility.
CIC consultant light researcher Xiong Xiaokun is think, formaldehyde exceeded row industry repeatedly ban more than of reasons main is due to China furniture market most was small enterprise occupation, and small enterprise in raw materials and the finished test, products standard Shang control capacity weaker, about manufacturers using quality not qualified of Panel and inferior rubber sticky agent, to reduced its enterprise cost, addition, China related sector detection process in the exists must vulnerability, this is caused Enterprise desperate used not qualified raw materials of reasons one of.
New furniture environmental monitoring standards forthcoming provincial quality and technical supervision Department of the second quarter of 2011 quality communications products supervision and inspection, furniture excess formaldehyde emissions problems in product quality problems first. According to press reports, the furniture new standards or environmental monitoring will be implemented during the year, this also means that furniture on the level of environmental protection regulations, will have more authority and standard monitoring basis.
It is understood, the new standard for furniture environmental monitoring will be replaced by nondestructive testing of destructive testing, that is, the whole test pieces of furniture are placed in a specific environment, furniture does not have any degree of damage, and will not have any impact on sales and use.
"The new standards" the enactment and promulgation, is undoubtedly good news for furniture industry. Redwood Garden Pavilion, told Xinhua: "' new standard ' launch, which regulates competition in the market, but also in the quality of the seller and the buyer in the event of disputes, the reduced monitoring concerns of damage to furniture and protect the interests of each other. "Consumers and also said:" non-destructive monitoring are behind consumers, we doubt if the furniture's quality and environmental issues can be bold and business theory, and require monitoring without worrying about damage to the furniture itself, into businesses pulling situation. "
Common response to formaldehyde formaldehyde concentrations are usually just renovated House. New House stocked with new furniture, appliances and renovated after the houses have a high content of residual formaldehyde in entirely natural dies may require 3-5 time, how to deal with the harmful gases formaldehyde, small summary methods are for reference only.
Activated carbon adsorption in every corner of the room with three to five dishes a sufficient measure of activated carbon. By physical adsorption characteristics of activated carbon, without any chemical additives, not easy to cause secondary pollution, had no effect on the person. But only suitable for a mild odor of space and its own saturation, once saturated no further adsorption.
Removal ventilation method, which is a more unusual approach, open doors and Windows allow the air to circulate. This would to some extent reduce the content of indoor furniture smell, but not radically reduce the presence of harmful gases, not cutting off sources, symptoms, not the causes.
Plants Act placed 1.5 meters high in the room 2-3 pots of plants is more appropriate, using adsorption characteristics of natural plants. But it won't radically reduce the presence of harmful gases, not cutting off sources of artificial removal method users can also find professional governing body household cleaning, dedicated to indoor air pollution control company has some technical advantages, such as the use of advanced fine chemical technology and nano-modified composite material technology to join the plant extract functional additives, can penetrate the pollution, degradation, removing pollution at source.
Buy air purifier according to reports there are some air-purifying machinery 9 filtering method of dissemination, the negative oxygen ion, also clean the air plays a role in the Office new office furniture should also be taken of the above method to tackle the problem of office furniture, we assured Office---Chengdu office furniture a good choice.