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Furniture making changes of Sichuan, Chengdu office furniture manage

in mid-August, one of the world's three-largest furniture exhibition, China International furniture Expo exhibition of Sichuan for the first time. "From the old days when only a few dozens of professional visitors to visit, to present dozens of exhibitors, after the rise of the furniture industry in Sichuan, is moving toward a higher platform. "Zhu Changling, Director of China furniture Association, told reporters.
Data released by the China National furniture Association show, the 2010 National furniture industry output value of 870 billion yuan, Guangdong Province, the total volume of production and marketing 1/3. The changing situation, repositions around this huge market segmentation "cake".
Coastal furniture companies favor Sichuan "brand settled in Sendai store, then to visit Sichuan's industrial zone, coastal enterprises investment enthusiasm. "The Deputy Director of the Chengdu furniture industry Park tuxianfeng told reporters.
"For the time being, largely products output, real production base in Sichuan was still not much. "Chengdu furniture He Nianwen, Deputy General Manager of the South said the furniture produced in the Pearl River Delta area has poured into Sichuan to study coastal enterprises intend to plant more and more.
Shenzhen furniture design Institute President, Nanjing forestry University doctoral supervisor Xu Baiming also confirmed that many furniture companies are considering westward from the PRD, recently, many well-known furniture companies in the PRD frequently into the investment.
Can accommodate up to 500 furniture enterprises in Chengdu, "Greetings from building materials • global furniture CBD" already completed investment, investment-related charge, still often receive the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta area furniture companies, please telephone. This is known as "world furniture IV pole" Industrial Park, its developer, Hong Kong group from Guangdong, "earlier, there are three ' Guangdong-Hong Kong ' brand business has settled. We are applying to the related Department expansion, to attract more foreign companies. "
According to the Sichuan province Furniture Trade Association statistics, by the end of 2010, all furniture more than 4,800 companies in Sichuan province, with annual output value of over 1 billion yuan more than 20 companies, furniture, China has become the third-largest production base and circulation base. "This year, labor costs in coastal, 20% over the last year, at least, has doubled in three years. "Xu Baiming said renminbi also making life difficult for coastal furniture for export-oriented enterprises," Sichuan's labor cost advantage and a complete industrial chain, is the condition of these enterprises need most. "
To do two or three started with a line of furniture industry in Sichuan, and foreign trade and domestic market-oriented coastal furniture enterprises, used to be "squarely". West Coast furniture industry: "we have clearly felt the pressure of competition. "He Nianwen said.
Xu Baiming believes that completely for coastal enterprises of furniture industry in Sichuan province "West" and concern, "though late, but with wide national coverage, the most open sales channels, which are beyond the reach of coastal enterprises. "
Furniture making in the North of Sichuan built production bases in recent years in the furniture industry in Sichuan province held "attack" major domestic cities, accounted for 70% more than two or three lines of the urban market. The largest furniture manufacturing and Logistics Center, Hebei xianghe furniture market, for example, 60% furniture sales are Sichuan brand, is home to more than 500 enterprises in Sichuan with the distribution point.
"In the North of Jiangsu Province, South China's Guangdong lecong furniture industry Chamber of Commerce Branch in Sichuan. "Sichuan province furniture trade association, eight in Chengdu, Chairman Yi furniture Wang Xuemao told reporters that the Sichuan furniture sales networks in the country had formed a" coalition, the North-South joint "trend," channel advantage compared with coastal was outstanding. "
Next month, be included in the planning of furniture industry in Hebei province furniture industry Park in Sichuan province is about to start in xianghe, Hebei province.
Late last year, furniture industry in Sichuan in the brewing industry transfer to the North. Wang Xuemao told reporters that "coastal enterprises transferred to the West, we are planning the future of furniture industry in Sichuan. "
"Moving northwards, establishing production bases, narrow the origin to RADIUS and sales, not only can reduce logistics costs, and furniture sales channels advantages to further localization of Sichuan. "Xu Baiming believes that using a perfect sales network, Sichuan's furniture advantage can also be amplified.
Coastal furniture West, also contains opportunities in the competition. "Strong coastal enterprises funds, technology, brands are higher than the Kawauchi enterprises. If you can find points of convergence with them, Sichuan is also a promotion for local businesses. "Said Zhu Changling, which helps improve the quality of furniture industry in Sichuan, widened end of the market. Wang Xuemao believes that even for capital consolidation, industrial Foundation and market advantage of both integration and development, "this will help the furniture industry from quantity to quality improvement. "
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