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Thailand's furniture exports growth reduction: focus on India furniture market trends

2011 Thailand furniture and parts 17.4% slowing in export growth trends over the last year as a result of major export markets such as the United States and the European economy is facing a crisis, and the United States to expand its Mexico furniture production sold back to the domestic market, leading Thailand furniture to United States markets decline, as well as from China and Viet Nam furniture price competition. However, the Thai farmers Research Centre believes that Thailand furniture sophisticated technology and flexible production of three factors will drive the 2011 furniture exports growth, 11.4 per cent-$ 1.16 billion.
The second half of 2011, Japan and India is Thailand furniture still can export market. First half of Thailand on India of furniture export years compared growth up to 14%, support factors is India economic fast growth, construction, and real estate industry, and tourism and the Department store Mall industry, continued growth, Thailand furniture by India market welcomes, and India furniture manufacturer still cannot production out in fashion style design aspects enough to meet domestic needs of furniture, led to India on imports furniture of rely on degree trend growth, especially demand high of bedroom and living room furniture. Also, sales channel is products close target customer group of key, just began develop market of small and medium business business should participate in in Thailand and India held of various furniture Expo, to makes its products for as India high-end furniture sales channel of large furniture dealer, and department store and franchise chain store by familiar, not only conducive to speed up expanded India furniture market of pace, and also can save exporters of PR publicity costs.
In addition, the furniture dealer should track the Thailand Government's minimum wage policy trends and conditions, and can affect the cost of production, and furniture prices and affect the competitiveness of exporters in the future.
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