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Furniture priced feline Chengdu office furniture industries has a good image

Same store price tag "looks" variety in the West on the streets of Xian Zheng Yang artists Home Arts square. Furniture imports here brought together numerous brands, origin all over the world. Italy most, United States, and Germany, and France brand is a lot, there are some imported products in the country of origin.
Regardless of the price tag labels are true, only the texture and information on the content of the tag itself, is dazzling.
"Da Vinci" furniture after the incident was exposed, discussions on the price tag is also rife. Recently, a reporter visited the convergence of some of the furniture stores and found that price tag of its store label are manifold. Written on the label the origin of products, no written material; his handwriting; worse, they did not even have price tags; sales alone just quotes.
In Germany Parkside cabinet shop, printed on the price tag, product name, country of origin, the numbers for the handwriting, and not every product with a price tag of "authentication" and in "Long Shijie" carpet shop, price tags in the materials column annotation for 100% New Zealand wool. But what is puzzling is, in-store product does not use common tag, but origin products such as writing in a piece of photo panels. Artemide lighting store, it is a black and white printed soft paper price tag, in the form of a bilingual interpretation products, producing a bar marked Italy.
Product content label and go their own way. "New world Home" furniture store, some products only on the label marked "made in", after asking to be informed of the origin of Guangdong Province. In addition, some products are simply not displaying price tags. In the so-called hundred years France quality "Ligne Roset" furniture store has seen shopping guide personnel or product label. Same price tag-free sales, also staged in the wall separating the calligaris shop, furniture, three seriously.
Variety identification of furniture material difficult all along, complaints about furniture materials and styles, especially in high-end furniture. Such as wood, hardwood, solid wood, polyurethane and other furniture category name, consumers not only to understand the material, even the sales staff is not able to speak clearly. If you want to find trees, materials, accessories and other basic information, express, is even more difficult.
"Put the price tag is responsible for the consumer, but also the integrity of furniture brand symbol of confidence, if really is solid wood furniture brands, why not mark it? "People in the industry think, price tag as the most basic furniture showcase, highlighting the value of the product itself and store management. Both Italy and the United States are France, genuine, quality assurance is the core competitiveness.
In recent years, international furniture among the ranks of luxury, above all the beautiful rings, one after another, "visit" the ancient city. The rich city of high-end home culture at the same time, also makes people pay attention to these products use the materials, features and real value.
"A price tag in stores are not the same, I do not know what kind of price tag is more reliable? "," No price tags, sales alone a mouth will we be fooled? "Consumer questions followed.
Identity, consumers have the right to know the price tag as identification of furniture, price, country of origin, the material, the unit at a glance. Second, the merchant fraud can be avoided to ensure consumers ' right. Otherwise, supervision on the price tag is a little taste of the device. In contrast, golden century annotation is relatively standard Mercure product using printed price tags, and stated the price name.
In the field of high-end household consumption, import brand does not mean that is imported. If in strict accordance with international standards, product brands are "goods", where manufacturing has become a secondary issue. Therefore, in terms of consumption, we must have a proper understanding, focusing on brand, quality and after sales issues, avoid running into "foreign brand, pure import" error.
This year, the city of "sale price" policy has been implemented. Consumer goods, such as household products have already implemented price and requested public information. This is the consumers ' right to request. Daming Palace home building materials city, such as the well-known home store product presentation very specification. But not all home products can do this strictly, many salespeople with sales experience of filling out a price tag links. Consumers, therefore, at the time of purchase, and the right to business operation, open product-related information.
Office furniture is a branch of the furniture industry, standardized office furniture should also be strengthened, particularly administrative departments should be responsible for.
Chengdu office furniture always has a good reputation, Chengdu office furniture industry, let us set a good image. BACK