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Office furniture selection techniques

Office furniture selection is a form of art, many people in the purchase of office furniture to go into error, in order to allow consumers to buy rest assured, siwei Chengdu office furniture to remind consumers to buy Office furniture in accordance with the following methods.
Buy Office furniture 1, select a color, the color is important, comfortable color and decoration to bring elegant office environment and a better mood. Most people like tones and bright, spacious office environment, this will relax the mood and create a good working environment, and improve work efficiency. Rather complicated space, styling and color complexity of furniture, a sense of oppression and anxiety and mood, and impact on human health. Office furniture generally have 5 shades: black, gray, Brown, dark red, and blue.
Typically, different kinds of gray for his desk:
Black or brown for boss chairs and reception room furniture element blue and dark red Office Chair.
Because blue is light, yet crisp red grave, there are lively; black, Brown has been very heavy, use them to decorate the room, will force you to focus on generally, color configuration to the Office in accordance with the "jump, little harmony" principles.
2, price price and value, the cost is usually closely linked together. Low price of furniture usually low cost, poor quality, general appearance and design are poor, let alone what cultural values, generated by Office Chair bombings frequently over the years, almost every time is for the sake of buying cheap shoddy products cause. Experienced buyer knows that buy products at low prices, there's often a lot of unforeseen risks, cause many problems after purchase, regret.
3, size experts pointed out that now is relatively standard in the furniture industry. Also some furniture sets standards, and the standards for most Asian people. But because of the height, weight and lifestyle issues such as limited, and in exceptional circumstances. Therefore, if you want to have one of the most suited and the most comfortable furniture, better still, strictly determined by individual choice, and to try and must not do.

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