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How to identify quality of cabinets?

cabinet members are no strangers in their daily lives, but when you buy cabinets can really discern its quality, here's how to distinguish quality of cabinets:
1th: door; doors on cabinets is very important, is equivalent to a person's face, like a little attention on election to damp or deformation of the Cabinet, and these generally occur in small factories, their material and equipment is not complete, so there is no careful processing.
2nd: Panel during the first operation, the key to this process is also quite generally if it is a large factory, they use electronic cutting saw, computer controlled, so open the plate size is quite accurate, but Board small companies did not have equipment that only artificial, so inaccurate.
3rd: edge banding; how to identify the edge of Cabinet is good or bad? Edge is delicate, if glossy, feel good, the lines are smooth, if these conditions are met, then edge very well. Chengdu office furniture 4th: punching; due to the advanced science, now the furniture is assembled, to assemble, so you need to punch, punch accuracy of furniture is also very important, however, cracks in combination is obvious, errors are not so big, and these can affect furniture firm stabilized.
5th: furniture drawer rails are installed, or metals such as aluminum, but due to the size of hole inaccuracy can sometimes lead to deviation of the rail, resulting in drawer not open not close, this should also pay attention to.