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Mahogany furniture prices

mahogany in the context of five kinds of wood: rosewood, pear, sour, chicken wings and tieli wood, rosewood, made of huanghuali rosewood furniture the price is more expensive than the other three kinds of wood. Viet Nam best of huanghua pear wood a more than 200,000 yuan, the wood more expensive mahogany furniture prices higher and higher, which is why mahogany furniture prices ranging from tens of thousands of Yuan to hundreds of thousands of Yuan one of the reasons.
Tan mahogany tripod expert said, identification of mahogany furniture in the high and low prices, wood is the most important, and the wood was different, prices vary widely. For example, the huanghuali rosewood furniture prices are quite different. Because Hainan pear and huanghua PEAR Viet Nam huanghuali, both made of huanghuali rosewood furniture prices for yield and quality vary not, now, Redwood category continues to grow, many industry insiders generally agree with all hardwood called Redwood statement. However, when people buy mahogany furniture, still prefers these five kinds of mahogany. Hainan huanghuali is rare, usually sold by the kilo, 800 to 1000 Yuan per kg.