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Four steps to help you see through Office furniture process

first: the interface is closed and smooth.
Most solid wood office furniture to use mortise and tenon fixed, good technology, must fit between interface and smooth; process interface there is a gap between the poor, does not fit, the hand feels a sense of Burr.
Second: look at the door and drawer are all uniform.
Office furniture and doors, doors and frames, and gaps between the drawers and boxes. Regular office furniture door or drawer joints are uniform, usually at between 1.5 mm and two millimeters.
Third: see open and close is stable.
Part IV: smooth surface paint is not.
Office Furniture paint sometimes hangs on the surface of paint, side of the Office furniture is often the customer easy casual place, so at the time of the purchase of office furniture, hanging painted or be sure to check out the side of the phenomenon, if that process did not cross the border, you can't buy.
Although the production technology is getting higher, more and more advanced technology, but also when technology is not in place, Chengdu siwei office furniture to remind our customers and friends, in the purchase of office furniture must be carefully watching the process, meet the requirements of the purchase.