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See generation how to buy furniture

with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce online shopping becomes the consumption trend, while online shopping is convenient, but not necessarily everyone, people used to buy furniture must go to the furniture store or furniture shop, transport home, things have changed, see how generation now buying furniture.
After the year seems to have several features in common: bubble Forum, costs in terms of online shopping. Generation buy furniture is by a mouse, the beloved furniture intact back to the set position. Network really of so magic did that is certainly, not only like Office furniture (as: file cabinet, intensive frame, archives Cabinet, books frame, class Taiwan, screen, staff table and so on) such of products only in online shopping, also has like phone, computer, clothes, cosmetics, food, book and so on daily of consumer 80 are almost is in online purchase, network purchased seems to has became has $literal are of consumption main way. Chengdu office furniture like furniture industry or is Office furniture industry such of products in network Shang sales is increasingly popular, although consumers willing to to online buy, description has quality also is compared clearance of, also has is Office furniture of enterprise also began have established himself of Enterprise Portal website, also has Forum, and $literal are like bubble Forum, this is furniture industry in online sales sold of a key factors, future network purchased also will has more big of development space, now of $literal points points mouse on can buy himself beloved of furniture I was thinking after the 00 whether the mouse can be bought without points after his beloved products, maybe, Oh, technology may someday.