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Office furniture knowledge

Office furniture-buy:
Office furniture of procurement first to understand some Office furniture of procurement knowledge only line, as various material of classification, difference, price, uses; various Office furniture as screen of combination structure, many businesses with inferior material or Jerry, so to can tell material of authenticity, intensive frame can according to real for valuation, these thing most basic of, certainly also to understand about Office furniture of expertise.
Office furniture drawings:
Contact Office furniture industry first to develop programmes, Chengdu office furniture you want to understand, to be able to more customer demand changes, there is an important problem for determining the dimensions of the Office furniture, some programme production staff not careful programme size in the wrong Office furniture, shelves results customers not to buy, which is loss of customers, need to pay attention.
Office furniture sales:
Office furniture sales skill is definitely a lot to say and is from person to person, Chengdu office furniture you have to know a certain amount of industry knowledge, and answers to customer questions can be very good, this is the most basic, others by their own play. Intensive frame office furniture sale Hou: many company opening said warranty five years or 10, Chengdu office furniture actually this also understandable, can warranty more long time not better did, but here involves a integrity problem, a company to operation, survival, need profit, but in warranty Shang fuss not a good approach intensive frame, I more of also is recommends to points actual of, like a years free warranty, or two years free warranty, such achieved up no pressure, on everyone are has benefits, said really of, warranty 10 years, Say you do not believe.