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Mahogany furniture and maintenance trick

mahogany furniture is also commonly used in daily life and Office goods, mahogany furniture manufacturers with length of life on the one hand and the material and the quality of the product itself, and secondly also has a lot to do with maintenance, mahogany furniture, how to maintain, note the following points on the OK:
General furniture, mahogany furniture and I differ, it should be damp and avoid dry, mahogany furniture should not be exposed, do not blow air conditioning on furniture.
Second, mahogany furniture, keeping things modest, cupboard storage objects, not to exceed the frame, if you often and squeezed hard, will cause door distortion.
Third, red mahogany furniture wood is generally crisp, such as desktop, Chair. Constant care to prevent bruising cracked, if or when moving and found that appears to be out of joint, be sure to re glue seal after use.
IV, mahogany furniture, use so long, so they must always protect the furniture surface coating, preferably every three months, with a little wax to clean, not only increases the beautiful furniture and protect the wood.
V, the prevention of solvent such as alcohol or banana water. Will make furniture the surface of "scar". When it encounters a surface get dirt, wash with mild soap, drying, waxing once again, restored to its original condition, but do not use solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine, liquid rubbing, otherwise it will wipe the surface gloss of paint and paint.
VI, for maintenance of furniture walnut oil applies to not only paint, wax-treated furniture. Frequency of use should not be too high, General 2-3 months to use once in a dry environment can shorten the maintenance intervals, once a month maintenance.
Also want to remind is that walnut oil can be "dry", but the usual amount of attention when using. Oil has dust collection feature, use too much dust, greasy feel.
Buy walnut oil is in need of attention, walnut oil is generally on the market in bulk, often adulterated, and if he sees more oily turbidity or impurity, best not to buy. In addition, pure walnut oil is not going to freeze in cold weather, and often mixed with other ingredients is less.
If there are no walnut oil, you can follow the example of the ancient cloth (best not to use chemical fiber cloth) wrapped crushed Walnut wiping effect is also very good. Walnut oil for human health effects, but due to the effects of processing and the processing conditions, used to wipe the furniture of walnut oil and not edible.