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The Office furniture industry analysis of e-commerce

with Internet of high-speed development, network let we more of convenient and security, homes on can understand world Vientiane, increasingly more of businesses and enterprise has joined to network times of team, e-commerce is nowadays Internet top of topic, according to about information confirmed Internet in domestic annual of profit is tens of thousands of a billion, and e-commerce of core is network marketing, network marketing of based does website construction, for many enterprise began established himself of Enterprise website, Some companies have begun to focus on and are being implemented to promote their sites and products. Office furniture industry and e-commerce what is a relationship?
First: the Office furniture industry is a cover more products, demand is not a commodity, many types of products, ranging from dozens of species, hundreds, hundreds of kinds of products, not say under a variety of models, so these factors have led to Office furniture on the Web promotion and marketing effort, preliminary work is relatively large.
Second: manufacturers, and promotion platform Zhijian of views exception fierce, such as in Alibaba of platform above search Office furniture, front of full is network pin treasure user information, is than integrity pass of make a document, following is integrity pass, last is Ali of general user, Ali of information update speed fast, Qian one minutes is first, Hou one minutes is may on see not to has, so guarantees so more of products row in network pin treasure behind base thought was impossible, information too big, more alone also grasp not Ali update, and arranged of rules.
Third: the model of different regions in China, big gap, the early development of coastal fast, starting late in the Mainland, there is no perfect promotion sales strategies, integration of national market are hard to come by, resulting in waste of resources.
Part IV: lack of Internet marketing professionals, in the analysis of current College, college graduates, one do not have the expertise and two with no work experience and very few people are not keen on this industry, so there is information on the network, but the most disorganized, unsystematic, usually lax management, network marketing, at an early stage. These aspects need to be improve, recruited a number of professionally qualified staff.
V: office furniture is important for enterprises, departments and units, bulk order, one of the few classes will have the habit of surf-related information, prefer the traditional mode of shopping, not electronics, jewelry of such products for young people, although competitive pressures also exist but are not difficult like Office furniture.
Sixth: distribution aspects, a said e-commerce with and to of is good of logistics, to wants to well e-commerce, no a good of logistics service Shi impossible of, for Office furniture for, logistics more is important, because Office furniture this class commodity threshold compared low, manufacturers compared more, market important concentrated in local, to wants to development field customer only building factory, and logistics business more do consider, formed a support high quality of logistics team for goods of distribution is is important.
Seventh: many types of office furniture products, style, color, single, unable to adapt to the individual needs of the crowd, furniture new varieties of developer effort is important is it is a buyer's market, products are going to go with the times, in line with most people's preferences. Phasing out products that lagged behind the market, and as a business manager, should be far-sighted, get hold of the biggest trends in order to achieve the long-term development of the enterprise.
Eighth: as China's accession to the WTO and openness to external trade, foreign first-class Office brand gradually flow into domestic markets, because in some countries in Europe, such industry started earlier than that of China's, mature technology, management, industrial chain, is also a great impact on our industry. Chengdu office furniture-in short, there's no harder to do business, make sales network must adhere to, to look farther, do persist, to innovate and continually adapt to the market, only innovation can not be eliminated, believe that China's furniture industry can gradually find out in the next time a marketing and sales strategy.