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Furniture industry, wireless marketing applications

like a night from marketing to business owners in the furniture industry, from designers to store from his close friends. Everyone is using Apple Iphone, HTC, Smartphone. Make a TV, magazine, walked into an elevator building ads in the newspapers, even a movie for the first 3 minutes of commercials and so on you will find three enormous marketing communications operations 3G. See, we get a signal is a product of this era came: the wireless age.
According to statistics from the Ministry of national, currently more than 915 million mobile phone users in China, more than 600 million mobile Internet users. This 600 million users of mobile Internet users ages are between 25~45sui, from the concept of commercial terms, these people are our customers.
Traditional areas of industry how to dabble in wireless marketing? How to use wireless marketing platform in the furniture industry, this is the creative thinking, focus progressive entrepreneurs thinking about the topic of the times.
What informatization development of the furniture industry industrialized development of the furniture industry after more than 30 years, companies paying a huge cost in production and processing, and little progress. But in the marketing, branding and packaging, distribution and promotion are still stuck in the 20 years before the original pattern. For most of the mentioned information could be in the furniture industry enterprise ERP enterprise management is thought of, and manage invoicing, Enterprise OA or e-mail, the Internet and so on. Informatization is stay within the enterprise production and management, which is a product in front of the factory's management information. Cross believes that information should be in the traditional industry is the product of circulation. Information product information including how to quickly spread, how to allow dealers to quickly understand business information, how they understand the needs of distributors, brands how to apply information technology to improve, looking for the distributors how to become more precise, reduced costs, and more.
Wireless marketing applications in the furniture industry in the furniture industry also assisted in many Internet corporate promotion or the merchant's e-commerce platform or software, but ultimately did not help solve the problem. Cross analysis of the most fundamental reason is that in the two sectors there is no node, the furniture industry is the traditional industry, and the information belongs to the high-tech industry. So you will have to understand industry needs through technology point of functional requirements analysis and solution, and understand the technology can't understanding industry needs. So two widely different industries want to go together, is not just a matter of time, is the issue of opportunity.
Furniture its mistake a lot of people when it comes to understanding wireless marketing messages. SMS easily synonymous with junk messages, because every day we receive many different types of spam messages: selling invoices, real estate companies, registration, stock, bought a yard and so on, why these messages to us so annoying, the most fundamental reason is that we do not need, they sent by a Subscriber a no demand that information is not accurate.
≠ Wireless marketing messages based on mobile wireless market have emerged in the 80 's, that is the message. SMS most strong enforcement of a downside, as long as the cell phone number is right, then it must be sent to. But this only serve to advertise, but wants to be what others see, there is no intention on how you learn.
Mobile furniture fair intelligence for enterprises and dealers and interactive platform for wireless marketing is a powerful accurate customer database and interactive marketing, and one of his characteristics is based on the integration of industry chain resources, only segments on a strong database of resources to make precise marketing. In each other's view if you will do American furniture product message to a youth furniture dealers is a failure; the second is interactive, wireless marketing is a friendly interaction, this behavior is not only through text messages that "spoon-feeding", for customer self behavior. The third measurable data: good wireless marketing platform is based on the above two ways to do good to measure effectiveness, which is the powerful advantages of wireless marketing is different from the traditional way.
Future of furniture industry information development of direction future of traditional industry of information not Council Yu a a link, but integration of solution programme, it is according to enterprise different stage of needs and change of, as enterprise early, purpose is industry within of brand promotion and channel of investment joined; in enterprise development medium-term is industry within brand of maintain and auxiliary dealer do terminal of sales; and Dang enterprise in mature has himself of channel Hou so wireless marketing of gravity is how set mass brand, upgrade brand of added value.
Development of furniture industry in the next five years, information must be dominated by mass channel wireless information technology applications.
Who's occupied the mobile desktop will win the customers who use cell phones? Channel business, consumers and managers almost everyone in our lives. When it comes to marketing, everybody knows that the market rate of UF, like why you computer the first thing is to open QQ, because it has taken over your computer desktop. Mobile phone, along with 3G Internet environment more and more mature, with the popularity of smartphones. Such a vision and strategic planning, brand first thing to think about is what time does your brand can be occupied channel phone desktop, what can be occupied when the consumer phone desktop.
Mobile client desktop became forever brand user's handset is the productive forces of science and technology, wireless marketing is the product of technology development, corporate branding, franchise, the powerful platform of public service. Homogenization of products competitive in the furniture industry today, the core competence is the brand, innovation in marketing. Traditional non-traditional path of information industry in close proximity, business model is revolutionary, you're bystanders also were participants in the revolution?