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Desk display tips

for commuters, and my desk is one of the most important places, Feng Shui Office environment will have a direct impact on Office efficiency, relationships, career horoscope, and even affect your mood, your mood. Mr CHENG highlighted the desk placed skills today, friends for references.
1 desk, desk, Orient, to avoid their bogey gods, avoiding the time Feng Shui big fierce to prevent bearing damage to you. Fleeting stars of 2012 orientation, in the West, Northeast, South, and central regions, you can find the centre point of your Office, Meridian, divided into eight directions, in which several aspects set desk, will be beneficial to you. To avoid the Southeast and Northwest directions.
2, direction of the desk (long side) to avoid Meridian north easterly direction 15-30 direction, because the gates to that line, phantom prone to amazing things in this location, impact your career development.
3, desk set, in conjunction with your own Numerology bogey, to be placed in their location into Geely, because this place up-want your five elements of God, make you more successful.
Place to anchor into the water principles 4, desk, back to backer, preceded wide field of vision. Left and right to have goods, symmetrical interaction, avoid locations behind the empty, preventing desk across the Hall.
5, desk top, taboo single Cactus, prickly plants such as cactus, also has a moral game, easy to let friends go around, become a loner.
6, if your Office window, taboo sitting sharp tall items in his seat to see out the window, such as chimneys, large transformers, and power poles, ventilation pipes, spines, 7, should be careful to avoid the beams above the desk top and large chandeliers and other sharp items with envelope, will pose a threat to you and hurt.
After 8, desks and chairs placed, taboo back sit by the window. Or in front of a desk placed near a large furniture items.
Mr CHENG advice: the above is a general method of Feng Shui, put by this method, sure there will be some help to you. However, Feng Shui is a system of discipline, he relates to the personal and temporal and spatial orientation of a reasonable, if properly, will definitely give you accurate judgment, contacts in Mong Kok, Fortune wide development effort. Hope that friends can note that Feng Shui environment changes around us, believe that every friend of wind and good luck, wish good luck to my friends.