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Coffee table how to use

buy a coffee table usually won't take a lot of thought, just think of it as a device in front of the sofa. But when you have to, you will find coffee table actually closely linked to your life. How will you use your coffee table, became a problem that must be considered early in the buying.
Living room storage status: your room size is limited, the lack of giant living room storage facility and, in addition to sleep, family time you will spend in the next to the sofa. Here you may read a book, watch TV, entertaining friends and relatives.
Purchase key: coffee table with concealed storage design is preferred, it would also be a subdivision design. Inside of the box there is a secret lover of travel have a soft spot for box, even shipping labels are not willing to tear up like collection is most of their hobby, came all the way to find the suitcase, filled with memories of travel and put it in front of the sofa, can turn out their own taste at any time, or share with friends.
Specially designed for people who like the sofa and reading a cube coffee table, provide adequate and efficient storage space. Yet temperament and appearance have not been engulfed in storage of useful features, like sculpture, both around the arm of the sofa is placed in the front, can bring in good decorative effect.
Messy blame is placed is not subdivided, there was much different remote control, magazine put together, in any case is not uniform. Fundamental approach is to place their finds. Coffee table desktop cleverly designed remote control small space, change the details on this one, the days are gone when the remote control cannot be found.
Rely on the top edge of the sofa to read while listening to music, may be the ultimate dream of many people on the weekend. While advancing a few books, are close at hand, someone might pick up which was casually flipped to make storage basket style coffee table, help you to hide all these objects of leisure interest. You have some visitors, it doesn't matter, the lid can help you cover up the embarrassment of laziness do not love the living room storage consolidation, storage basket and then transforms into a formal table.
Show doors: the House has a spacious living room, sofa and coffee table set is to segment space, does not follow the traditional pattern. Sofa and coffee table is not high frequency, most of the time, are to enjoy their beautiful figure.
Purchase key: line of the table is very important, to choose it as a sculptural work of art, full use of the charm of the material itself, glass, metal, scarred old wood are great choices.
Mirror metal coffee table on the use of the environment is very picky, so don't put items such as tea sets in above. Desktop is fully liberated, more efforts in terms of decoration. Coffee table set with elegant sculpting patterns, show host in decorative culture of aspiration.
You want the coffee table becomes the focus room decoration, must not miss this material. A wealth of production process, makes the glass coffee table can present a variety of shapes, you simply placed above a simple tea set, was enough to attract the eye.
Paint of low profile coffee table does not have any practical value, placed in the left and right side of the sofa, and usually is to make large living space, appropriate functional regionalization. Glove work generally done by can be placed closer to the small side for a few.
In atmosphere of relaxed space, modular unit with one color instead of the sofa, coffee table can also retire to the front window, serve as decorative role. Select table color and texture of wood, pictures and books piled up next to some, the most charming furnishings are always handy. Wooden surfaces easy wood desktop and generous acceptance of many kinds of materials, such as ceramic vases, Tin box, it is best not to spill liquid on the wooden table, otherwise it may cause surface discoloration. Lower space close to the ground to get articles is not particularly easy, suitable place frequently used items. The overall framework for iron, hard edges, and if you have children at home, be sure to install the furniture protection angle.
Daily storage status: a sofa and coffee table-centric, spend most of your time here at home. You like to stretch out your arms to get the remote control, always read the magazine in hand, for easy pick up.
Purchase key: for daily storage coffee table, pay special attention to its height, and the height between seat and sofa scale. Material quality, the best choice for stain-resistant, durable and easy to take care of.
Cascade placed coffee table there are a lot of ways, so, from every point of view, it will have a different performance. Glass can slide back and forth, creating a wealth of storage space.
When you cannot be placed in your room couch, you will find several individual single sofa or comfortable chair is a good arrangement. Small round coffee tables, convenient placement of chairs, we sit together without prejudice to Visual communication, also smooth to touch items placed on the coffee table.
Low profile coffee table meets the needs of decoration, you need a small circular table to place everyday objects, such as reading lights, was flipping through the book, as well as his drink. In addition to the functional complementarity, coffee table also try to match colors, gray and bright color combinations, make the room visually seemed more balanced.
Coffee table not only State: in the cramped space, you have to take the coffee table as the center of life, eating, working, entertainment everywhere. Or is your height have a particular fondness for coffee table, sitting on the cushion, playing computer games, reading.
Purchase key: larger desktop area, enough room to hold articles for daily use. Note that the "ground clearance", 30-40 cm is more appropriate, at least make your legs flat on the table.
Dining tables, games tables, TV cabinets, desks, how much you can give your coffee table overlay function names? Complete use, need coffee table is in style and materials should also be simple and durable. Distance between the desktop and the ground must pay attention to, when you purchase, you can personally sat down and tried to comfort.
Landscape in front of Windows and you can't refuse, moved to the bench, head of inspiration seemed rushed up ventilation. Glass coffee table table does not block the expression of landscape, next to a soft cushion, selfless work as quickly as possible. Coffee tables can be placed inside or some files you need, just to put pay attention to some practices, messy scene scenery will be greatly reduced.
When Corner sofas center space if there is space around, try using this rectangular table, higher than ordinary coffee table, height about level with the sofa, you can Journal of placing reading lamps and books, exclusive coffee table is very sturdy, get more convenient.
Stick around a few States: do you like the freedom of personal attitude, sofa, Chair, free docking, regardless of which corner, there's a personal side to accompany you.
Chair style coffee table design is very special, you can use with docking and footrest. Slightly different level of two units, the same can be used depending on your needs, overlap or a single place.
Large sofa can indulge your invention of languid positions, are also going to do a coffee table can go hand in hand? Feel free to take your water Cup in the hands of, Yes, this can be infinitely close to the table and sofa is what you want. Side leg design, desktop can hit the coffee table sofa seating section, so without effort up to now.
Pallets can be separated from the support section below, if you want to follow the footsteps of the Sun in the House, then you can with the tray, keep walking. Only 30 cm tall coffee table, arms do not need to rise, you can take a variety of items.
Protection of leather sofas with special emphasis on detail, voluminous books of heavy books sharp, if not carefully handled, sometimes may cause damage to the leather surface. Put it in the glass on the circular table, the problem is solved.