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Solid wood furniture is true

Solid wood furniture have value, and can bring home a warm "wood", and thus popular with high-end consumers. It has the advantage of reflecting the nature: natural texture, variety of the form (such as a surface, carved) by using less plastic, high environmental performance than furniture. Its weakness is reflected in the production of furniture bearing part, if thin, such as side panels, frames, easy deformation, stability depends on the moisture content of the wood changes, change of moisture can cause deformation and cracking.
Solid wood furniture, is made up of softwood and hardwood, hardwood furniture is known as the mahogany furniture, prices are more expensive.
Solid wood generally has two logos: wood knots and scar. According to professional sources: "a door, is a positive pattern, when you opened the door, corresponding with the pattern change of location, see the pattern on the back of the door, if the well is pure solid wood doors. SCAR end is also good way to identify pure wood: the scarred front location, the other side should also be scarred. Solid wood are made of trees, which directly affects the price and quality. In the North, ordinary wood furniture is usually use beech, white oak, ash, Elm, Catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak wood, precious mahogany furniture using rosewood, chicken wings, red sandalwood wood. "
Buy solid wood furniture, most likely to step into the Cork posing as hardwood or low-grade hardwoods posing as two major pitfalls of high-grade hardwood, so shop around, is too good to have an absolute fraud. Even solid wood furniture, there are quality issues. Observation of wood, and to open furniture doors, drawers, and observe whether the wood is dry, white, texture closely, is exquisite. BACK