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Fabric sofa maintenance

1, help keep parts against the wall with the wall sofa clearance of 0.51 cm.
2, out of direct sunlight, best place, away from sunlight in places, or separated by translucent gauze curtains in sunlight.
3, vacuuming at least once a week, paying particular attention to removing dust between the fabric structure.
4, flip sofa cushions once a week, wearing the uniform distribution.
5, stained with dirt, wipe clean cloth dipped in water, to avoid leaving marks, it is best to stain peripheral. Velvet furniture cannot be dipped in water, dry cleaning agents should be used.
6, all cloth cover and liner should be dry cleaned, do not wash, not to bleach.
7, such as loose threads, do not use hand break, most easy to use scissors to neatly cut the thread.
Following two simple way to clean fabric sofa.
Wet towel and wring out when not to drip, will some Almighty water sprayed on a towel, wipe the stains on the fabric of the place, coupled with smooth fabric with a soft brush brushing is better, after cleaning wipe with wet towels to clean water.
Dry cleaning method of decontamination: 3M foam cleaner, hot air hair dryer, white cloth. Shake the cleaner, spray directly on stained area, 5 minutes later with hair dryer cold wind to the bubble after all. It shall note:
1, avoid using hair dryer hot air.
2, cleaning agent should be moderate, too much foam not clean.
3, the cleaner on the cloth should not be stranded for too long to avoid corrosion the character. BACK