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Office layout to lucky

Feng Shui are mainly managing finances, money adjusted abnormal work. Feng Shui aura considered auspicious environment of human courage, wisdom, help, thus affecting business and the cause of success or failure.
Both government officials and grass-roots leaders, whether shop owners or managers, the leader's Office and desk display is critical, an auspicious location field of human courage, wisdom, help, thus affecting business and the cause of success or failure.
Every senior leader, owner, President, General Manager and other decision makers desk, should be based on GUA Ming Ji, JI in South, seats to the South, Kyrgyzstan to the East, seats to the East.
All leaders, managers, Deputy managers and other people's desk, should be based on Numerology four columns, namely lack of wood, the seat should be toward the East; misfiring seat shall be to the South.
In addition, the Office and desk but also the office location of hydrogeology, landscape, weather and climate is the internal structure of the Office building and gas field factor.
So as an enterprise operators and managers focus on Feng Shui to increase and not to "do not use the incense of adversity", until return to think of Feng Shui, Feng Shui is consistent with psychological and physical habits, in line with the wealth of work rules and statistics the following for your reference:
Office of locations should be in Office building collection district, negotiation convenient; Office of locations as avoid in temptress places near; Office of loaded Huang should not be too luxury, Office of indoor color should be white, and ivory color for better; Office photocopying machine should not be in white tiger party, Office of gold Cabinet mouth should not be to door-fiscal to fiscal to, Office of gold Cabinet mouth should not be to shun flow-consumption fiscal repeatedly; Office of gold cabinet not put in obviously of at; Office of mirror not are rushed door-tongue is more ; Office of mirror Ying An in light dark of place, Office of moving line should refreshed, Office of desk color as clear light; Office of both inside and outside door as Ann in Dragon party, not in white tiger party, Office of fish box bogey Ann in white tiger party, should be Dragon party for better; Office of Aquarium box not Ann in desk of white tiger party, desk not near White Tiger party will bin. slave bully main.
In principle the Interior compartments, but government agencies and banks, and people into, so you can not compartment, private companies is not a door at a glance, at least competent screen space, of course the best is to have the appropriate compartments.
Interior compartment with Feng Shui, and kinesthetic principle, distinguish between factors of vocational, designed well, principles taking into account flow smooth, simple and bright, suitable for wide and straight, not bent, not piled up debris in the line.
Professional distinction, of course, is higher in more in the back.
Feng Shui perspective, is quite complex, and generally has the following note:
1, door facing the internal office doors, Feng Shui was rushed on air straight into easily on the tongue of personnel disputes, when an internal compartment must be taken into account.
2, certainly not entered the door to the toilet door.
3, the boss ' Office must be a separate room, not open space, there must be confidential because of the company's business, so we had to screen our boss and supervisor's room ruined should be appropriate or slightly small and elegant, not useless.
4, and General street side building office building are has riding floor, so II floor at will has space is in riding floor above, in Feng Shui Learn Shang statements, riding upstairs party of room not as competent decision Office, only for General Staff Office with, because floor below of riding floor, is people coming and going of authentic, air is mess and miscellaneous, gas field also often by interference, so upper floor not as decision places, addition also has many small businessman, will a floor do store with, II floor Dang residential, at to note, Toilets on the second floor may not be located on the first floor of the boss's Office, and tablets over the counter.
5, and usually in a indoor space in the, in distribution room of principles Shang, should tie "Dragon side" and "Tiger side", is will Office internal, into around on both sides, is Dragon of half should be set boss Office, and business Department, and financial Department, other sector on set in Tiger side; each between Office of door bit also to consider, best is set in Dragon side moving party, career only will flourished developed.
Method of judging the long side is: standing on the interior door side walls, right in front of Tiger, front left is the long side, opened the door on the left side wall.
6, the Office of the "money" icing on the effect of the program on career, is of interest to every Member of the most base of Feng Shui, Feng Shui is really pay attention to the effect on the money. As a general rule, money is a door at the front left and front right diagonal, here must be a little place, not a channel, or fortune will hold. BACK