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Personality characteristics of people placed on the desk

behavioral psychologist Donna? Dr Dawson said: people will unwittingly revealed traces of the desk according to judge a person's character, work status, or even suitable for work within an organization. Therefore, "should be treated like love skin desks, desks to help you communicate your message. "
Placed at a business meeting with souvenirs, invitations, race medals from celebrities and other "spoils of desks", usually on behalf of the owner in a competitive environment, hope that the dissemination of successful atmosphere. Displaying family photos, at your desk or travel photo shows host outgoing moderate temperament, chatting easily becomes "Office coffee house" focus. Distinct personalities, could see at a glance who owns Office, shows that the owner more comfort, and plans to stay long in this company.
Some people sitting on a desk piled high with stuff, which can be divided into two kinds: one is the disorderly orderly, need can readily get shows host creative; another is disorganized, the latter is called "the dump desks" would give the impression that "struggling" impression.
In addition, the experts recommended, it is best to nail polish, mouthwashes, vitamin pill bottles, cleaned and plush toys from your desk, because these things give your boss a message is your self-image than more interested in working.
Photographer William? photographers 25 kelisitengbali desk Arts desk interview with celebrity photographer Brady? 25 art Robinson celebrity desk from the summer of 2011, Brady? Robinson began the "desk portraits" project, the subject is art Hall in Washington DC, including the artist, art curator, arts management, and so on. To date, the project shooting a total of 25 desks desktop, and still continues.
Brady? Robinson (E. Brady Robinson), each desk is the epitome of its owner. Business card boxes, mugs, adhesive tape, sticky ... ... Not inanimate objects, but the Elves will speak. These unremarkable office supplies, represent their owners personalities, some simple, some complex; some meticulous, some chaos in order.
"Office desk portraits" project originated from a coincidence. In January this year, Brady? Robinson was invited to Washington, DC, a not-for-profit arts institution taken annual report images and portraits of the employees. One day, while waiting for the "Flash galleries" to shoot group shots, a staff member when she started hanging out in the Office. Robinson found that the flashpoint Gallery, Visual Arts and Communications Department Director Kaan? Miller (Karyn Miller) Desk is very interesting. "Suddenly, I suddenly see the light, initiation desk portrait on the idea in my head. "
From the summer of 2011, the official start of the project. She found the art scene in Washington, DC a wide network of art broker, Philippa? Hughes (Philippa Hughes), which people should be shot for her comments. Robinson said: "we made a list, she made some introductions, I got home than it began to list email requests. Us within 24 hours of the end of the meeting, many people replied that they agree on the list. "
Her desk is the first of the National Portrait Gallery Photography curator Anne? Collins? Goodyear (Anne Collins Goodyear). Second is the art critic of the Washington Post for the quick reply Michael? o ' Sullivan (Michael O'Sullivan). "Soon, a series of domino effect continues, a picture came out of a photo shoot opportunity. Take a picture of each, I'll ask the desk belonged to introduce me to the next object. "Brady? Robinson said in an interview with the Bund.
"Everyone's desk reflects an upcoming plans, proposals for new, old or new business. People choose to close at hand and work-related things to deeply reflect the personal and professional interest. "This is the reason why she would have been to continue the program.
The Washington Post art critic Michael? R= Brady Sullivan desk? Robinson (E. Rrady Robinson) b: desk gives you the impression of who the most?
R: Washington, DC Office of the curator (Curator's Office), founder and President of Andrea? Poland (Andrea Pollan) give me the deepest impression. This photo became one of my favorites in this series. Her desk is clean, simple and modern, reflect her taste and her art work. Office of the curator is an organized space, like a big white box. As her desk like this gallery. Visually, her Office environment can give a person a sense of aesthetic pleasure. I like her desk three side by side splash-ink painting on the wall. Her desk is also giving a sense of calm, let those in the mix, and people who work in a busy environment is very pretty.
B: given for the photograph and what obstacles or difficulties?
R: Yes. Take Sarah? Nell (Sarah Kennel, deputy curator of the National Museum of photography gallery) Desk need to be agreed by the propaganda Department of the National Gallery. Before taking this, I need to submit a standard camera Protocol and film programmes.
Take Sarah? Don guy (Sarah Tanguy, the Embassy project, curator of art) request was refused. Because the United States State Department's confidentiality agreement, she couldn't let me film her desktop. Another art collector has refused my request for privacy reasons, he wasn't even allowed to take pictures with cell phones at work.
This project focuses on filming in the summer, so timing is also a challenge. Like many summer vacation, so many photo shoots are delayed. Washington, DC, one of the top collector Fred? aogenibini (Fred Ognibene) although with my shot, but he recently renovated the House, can only get delayed until September. National Museum of fine arts founder and Chairman Jamie? McClellan (Jayme McLellan) also delayed photo time, because her art gallery August refurbished behind closed doors.
Surprises me is that all the project participants are generous enough to allow me to photograph their private work space and desk items. Came to the national-level institutions of art space shot is a big adventure.
B: When did anything interesting happen?
R: during filming, I met one of my photography Idol William? kelisitengbali (William Christenberry). His works are a great influence on me. My friend Mary? Elias (Mary Early cannabis mountain art museum curator), arranged our meeting. Typically, out of respect for subject's working hours, I can only stay in one location for 15-20 minutes, finished very quickly leave. But shooting William? kelisitengbali desk has become a Studio visit. He and I sat and talked for two hours before picking up a camera and began to take pictures. We talked about his upbringing in Alabama, recalling the appalling experiences he took 3 k party, when he was teaching in Memphis and Washington mentioned some controversial works, and how he and his wife know each other. This is probably the most happy day after I moved to the SAR.
B: take a desk photo: difficult?
R: in fact, take a desk photo requires a lot of physical strength and superb photography. Difficulty of filming restrictions taken from: the limits of time, space, light, items. I shoot location is usually very small and dark. Only a narrow space, you can move, and find points of interest in a bunch of mundane things. Desktop itself is low-key and does not reflect the importance of the work and the contribution of the owner. But from nearby, you will find valuable Visual cues for me, for example, a catalog of this exhibition may be posted on an artist or curator's phone number.
I'm using a Canon 5D digital camera, without using a tripod, because in your hand and beats faster. In the narrow space are also in line with my style, I like the occasional Visual and performance, I can quickly integrate the subject, light and exposure. I often use the exposure programs, Office of the natural light and lighting blend together, so you can highlight the subject, audience for special items on your desk and the attention to detail.
B: How do you master exchanges and desk? Everyone was very enthusiastic?
R: before shooting, I will ask the desk's owner is not some personal belongings or privacy is they don't want the exposure. The vast majority of people is sorted prior to my arrival, but not all of them. An art collector and restaurant owner has left on his laptop during a check, so I cannot open this picture. An art broker very mind your e-mail in-box with an "invoice" title, she did not want to make known what the customer owes money, so before I took her off the mailbox. Most people are very enthusiastic. Many people invite me in the Office after the shooting, such as wall and a new painting or changing the monitor more computers. This project sparked lively discussion of shooting objects in Facebook.
B: why do you want to take White House Curator William? Oman (William Allman) desktop? Table for what else are you trying to do?
R: Obama on health care, financial regulation, environmental issues have made changes, also changes the White House art collection. Obama has stepped up for African, Asian, and Spain-American United States the collection of contemporary works of the artist, changed the hallway is full of traditional 19th century painting of the White House. I would like to see William? Oman, to learn more about his positions, the White House art collection, the past and the future of the program. On a personal note, I would like to know what he will be sitting on a desk, and his ongoing projects. Another name on the list is Miami's La Belle collection family Meira? La Belle (Mera Rubell), she very frequently with collectors and curators will appear in Washington, DC. La Belle families have recently bought the Concord Museum's ownership of the southwestern SAR plans to build a Museum/hotel. In addition, Tony and Heather? Podesta (Tony and Heather Podesta) is also on my list, their collection is amazing.
B: the desk masters have in common is what?
R: technology connects us together. Everyone has a computer on his desk. 21st century Office environment depends on the exchange of technical assistance and improve efficiency. Most of the young art dealers and curators on the table have a mobile phone and iPod. Art critic Michael? o ' Sullivan has a real dictionary next to the computer. Although now allows Microsoft Word to check for spelling errors, but for a writer, the dictionary is still sacred.