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Do not use SOAP, detergent, wipe the water office furniture

SOAP, detergent and other cleaning product not only cannot effectively remove the accumulated dust on the furniture surface, silica sand particles cannot be removed before Polish, but also because they are corrosive and can damage furniture surfaces, furniture paint becomes bleak.
Also, if water penetrated into the wood, can also lead to wood or to local deformation, shorten the service life. Now a lot of the furniture is made of fibreboard machine if there is moisture penetration into the, the first two years because the formaldehyde and other additives is   is not completely finished the volatile, not moldy. But after the once volatile additives, moisture damp cloth thrown furniture mildew, if lower-floor tenants, home furniture may huangmei days per year are "bad" one.
Would also like to remind you here, even if some furniture surfaces with piano lacquer coating, can be properly scrubbed with water or wet cloths should not be left on for a long time on the furniture surface to prevent moisture seeping into the wood.