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Buy Office furniture how to prevent fall?

With the development of e-commerce, more and more businesses looking for Office furniture suppliers via the Internet, the main channel is through search engines such as Google, Baidu search keywords, and Alibaba B2B website. Honest this way more convenient, stay at home, they can find a lot of suppliers of office furniture. But Internet also exists many garbage information, cohabitation, and good atrazine difficult differentiation, many small factory even personal through established website, do some search engine promotion, many customer cheap, buy has this class products yihou on found appeared many problem, quality too poor, formaldehyde exceeded, furniture distributed out la nasal of smell, delivery period delay, service too poor, most serious of appeared received has deposit yihou on room evaporation. The above, give you a headache. How should it be prevent fraud? I will now describe the following:
I. credit status to view the enterprise:
A. to the local industry and Commerce Bureau official site (such as Shenzhen Shenzhen credit network), enter the name or the abbreviation of the enterprise search, free to find accurate registration of the enterprise information, such as the creation date, registered capital, registration of legal representative, address, etc. If no record found, you be careful, also means that the business is not registered; another is the corporate website of blowing smallpox, real information is indeed a bogus company, the best suppliers and hands. Particular attention to the registered address is otherwise consistent with the Web site's address, if it does not, there may be a bogus company or Web site is a fake.
B. directly in Google, Baidu and other search engine search for the name of the enterprise, turned a few more pages, if the enterprises with bad records, complaints often cheated on the Internet. Of course there are malicious defamation, intentional slander some good companies, usually peers, can see what details are introduced, no specific cases there may be a malicious slander.
II. finding reputable enterprises, do not look for unknown small business. Many small businesses are one or two solo furniture salesman, integrity is not protected.
III. pay attention to the establishment of the life, try to opt for more than five years and ten years of business. Many fledgling companies are products and services has not yet matured, the second is still in the midst of the stormy, credit, after-sales service, and is not guaranteed. The company set up a long time tend to cherish the company's reputation.
IV. look closely at the content of the website, company profile, in particular about the contents of the column, many small business, personal websites, and even malicious fraud sites, due to the limited quality of boss, Web site presentation is usually relatively cheap, or filled with vague words, jargon, and do business with them, with predictable results. Imagine what a big company website text is not smooth at all? Case is as follows:
Shenzhen XXX technology development limited created Yu 1998, after years efforts, has development into office furniture production sales enterprise, products sales throughout country, deeply General customer of praise, has always insisted "quality first, supremacy" of service purposes, furniture products has Office series, hotel, and education, and medical, supporting products, company set professional production, and design, and sales, and scientific management, sector composition of modern enterprise, prospect future, Hin treasure Ming willing to with social new old customer sincere cooperation, Together, reach new highs.
I have my company's products for five years guaranteed, three-year warranty system, has won the praise of many customers, we provide a full range of consulting services, free computer, free professional installation and maintenance. "The exquisite technology, excellent service, excellent products" is our goal.
I will continue to Omni-directional, multi-level comprehensive pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service launch project, a rapid market response, personalized design, supporting multicultural space, leading to the trend of the times!
Our principle is: the pursuit of fine art! Innovative Office products new!
Lots of leather is punctured on the site, which is basically flawed, case is as follows:
XXX, Shenzhen furniture (Guang Dong XX furniture factory) environmental protection furniture was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Zhuhai, Gongbei, the registered capital of 25 million Yuan, the factory covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters, existing staff of more than 1000 people, annual output amounted to 5~6 billion yuan. Is a company specializing in high-end office furniture, school furniture, hotel furniture, bar furniture. Manufacturing and technical development and marketing services for the furniture industry, March 2007 branch established in Nanshan District, Shenzhen invested 5 million Yuan for the Shenzhen XXX furniture co., Ltd.
We imagine that such enterprises will in good faith do?
To sum up, consumers are in fact just open your eyes and avoid buying counterfeit products, fraud, is not difficult. BACK