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Furniture choice look at these four points

Furniture now accounts for a larger share of the market, due to its sheet metal deformation, color variety and loved by many people. So-called furniture is connected by a man-made sheet plus hardware and furniture. Furniture easy and save wood, color variety, is the furniture industry by developing varieties. Remind you to buy furniture office furniture should note:
Furniture pick up a metal connector metal connector is the most intuitive quality standards, good hardware to switch freely, without noise, surface coating does not flake. Some high-end hardware furniture is imported, foreign identification can be found above. Because can be switched at random is the biggest advantage of Panel furniture, metal connector quality is therefore very important.
Metal pieces require smart, smooth, surface plating handle, can not have xiuji, Burr, coupled with high precision. Plastic parts to design aesthetics, color, use parts to have strength and flexibility, not too thin. Open-type connectors require flexible rotation, this furniture during the opening will be smooth and easy, no sound.
Pick two edges of Panel furniture veneer carefully to find flaws, while quality largely affect the quality of the furniture. First is the edge of the pros and cons, then note whether edges uneven, warped. Good edge echo the plates perfectly.
Grade of veneer on furniture has a great effect. Got to touch the surface of the paint film, generally upscale furniture solid wood veneer, mid-range paper veneer, shaping and surface to glue veneer prices even lower. Among them, the paper because of differential grades of different treatment processes.
Furniture pick three, sheet quality review sheet the edges, glue on decorative parts of the surface is uniform, smooth solid bond, trimming parts side panels, door panels, parts of the drawer Panel, it took Visual end-edge processing, excellent decorative plate side of not touch bonding marks on the profile.
Combine the main drill stand is elegant, neat, solid connections after installation, flat end face connection t-shaped joints have space after, pushed by hand any loosening.
Pick four sizes of Panel furniture furniture market is mainly to complete set of bedroom furniture and office furniture, there are also multifunctional video electrical cabinets and other products. Furniture-main dimensions of national standards are required.
As provided wardrobe hanging closet space in depth should be greater than or equal to 530 mm height 680 mm, table furniture requirement to 760 mm, bookcases, clearance height should be greater than or equal to 230 mm to 310 mm.
Consumers need to know the main dimensions, because the furniture if it is less than the required size, use will bring a lot of inconvenience. Depth too small will affect the hanging clothes wardrobe space, door closed fine. BACK