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Feng Shui wealth top ten

First: homes or businesses in the South-East direction is money.
The second measure: keep the Southeast location is clean and light, not debris piled up.
The third move: not in Southeast direction to put metal filing cabinets or television audio of gold items.
Part IV: in the South-East direction place aquarium or fountain and other water features, water keeps running and clean.
V: a place such as money tree bonsai in South-East direction, such as a large bills in a money tree, the better.
VI: the three coins tied together with red strings, literally up and put in your wallet on the counter and within or under the door mat, be lucky.
Seventh: Southeast direction of the decoration and furnishings should be dominated by green or Navy Blue.
Eighth: personal natal Hexagram angry party that is an individual's wealth (see page 80), such as 1 kan of wealth is a South-Eastern, residential or the door towards the best your money.
Nineth strokes: adjusting the bed, Dinette seat and gas furnace towards personal wealth, is very helpful to increase wealth.
Tenth: hung hollow bells above the cash register, or in the wall next to the cash register with a large mirror reflecting to the cash register, you can double the business is booming.
A large bills in a money tree can make you money fast offer a long. BACK