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Office furniture bacterium prevention

Lots of people ask us to buy Office furniture office furniture is mainly used in some public places, such as McDonald's desk, but also train station bench, for example, and so on, because in these public office furniture was placed in public places, people are more complex so it is prone to bacteria, so today I'm going to explain how to prevent bacteria breeding ground of office furniture.
Fashion fast food like KFC now more and more people begin to like, so will breed a lot of bacteria in the furniture, because what people have, coming and going. How can we avoid these bacteria against our health?
Do not place the food directly on the table, because it will make the bacteria on the food, the food must be placed in bags or plates of food, so you don't have anything.
For some friends who have children must pay attention to, children cannot be deliberately pay attention to this stuff, so parents need to be very careful regulation cannot be placed on the children's tables and chairs, or error will be food on the table and then infected with the bacteria, and poor children's resistance, so parents must pay attention.
And place the cleaning personnel to carry out disinfection and treatment, usually in the morning before scrubbing office furniture, also is to disinfect these Office furniture at work, to ensure that these Office furniture is the bacteria cannot be stocked in order to ensure the food security of our users.